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Alethia: FAQ’s

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Why another church in Colorado Springs?

God has called us to it. We want to be a church committed to Acts 2:42, prayer, fellowship, teaching and breaking bread together.

This passage was all about the birthday of the church, and we feel that many of the churches of America have gone astray from it. To each their own, but we believe in teaching the Word, making disciples, and bringing people to the foot of the cross.

19% of Colorado Springs attends a local church, that isn’t very high for being the “Christian Meca” that we are. People can call themselves Christians, but can they call themselves disciples?

When , Where, Why, and How did Sam and Amber feel a calling to start Alethia?

After resigning from our last pastoral position in Colorado Springs, we took a good 18 month break from being involved in church ministry. We visited close to 16 churches during that time and found that simple needs are not being met.

We prayed, “God, what are you trying to tell us?” Well, through a lot of counsel, wisdom, prayer, worship and the word, we came to a realization, God wants us to plant a church. Wasn’t easy, as we both, at different times, were resistant to the idea. But when God calls, we have to listen and obey. So we did.

It was in our home that we prayed desperately for God to guide and direct us…and to be honest…it was hard to decipher/discern, but more and more God kept bringing things to where they needed to be. It was a clear calling, and Sam always told Amber, that he wouldn’t do this without her feeling called to do it also. And now here we are.

What is a Disciple?

A student or learner of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, that not only learns what he taught, but lives it.

That is what our goal is of making at Alethia, so that we can be equipped to go out and do the same. This will be done through various ways and teachings, but ultimately the goal of why we exist.

What is the mission statement of Alethia Church?

Alethia exists to make disciples who…

Encounter God, Embrace People, and Serve the World.

What is a small group?

That’s a great question! At Alethia, we see Alethia Groups, or small groups, as the primary vehicle for biblical community and discipleship to occur within our church family.

We want to build community in a real way, not just say it. We can throw around a lot of Christian-ese buzz words, but living it is what it comes down to.

How do I get plugged in?

Let one of us know asap! We’d love to sit with you and learn about who you are, your gifts, talents, favorite sports teams, your family and all that.

Fill out the form under the get involved page.

If I want to lead a small group, who do I contact? What are the requirements?

Contact Michael, and he’ll sit down over coffee with you, cause he loves coffee, and discuss options…but first, he wants to get to know you.

How does church government work at Alethia?

Alethia believes strongly in biblical Eldership as referenced in passages like: 1 Tim. 3:5Acts 15:22Acts 20:28,1 Tim. 4:4,1 Tim. 5:17,1 Thess. 5:12,1 Tim. 3:2,Titus 1:9,1 Pet. 5:1-3.

In many ways this is similar to how many churches elders work.  We have 5 men appointed by the church that assist the Pastors in shepherding the church body.  But there is a small twist.

We believe the biblical terms for elder and pastor are in fact one and the same.  This article from Grace To You” put’s it very well,

“As numerous passages in the New Testament indicate, the words “elder” (presbuteros), “overseer” (episkopos), and “pastor” (poimen) all refer to the same office. In other words, overseers and pastors are not distinct from elders; the terms are simply different ways of identifying the same people. The qualifications for an overseer (episkopos) in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and those for an elder (presbuteros) in Titus 1:6-9 are unmistakably parallel. In fact, in Titus 1, Paul uses both terms to refer to the same man (presbuteros in v. 5 andepiskopos in v. 7).”

So we believe that, the sometimes, different standards and expectations of Elders and Pastors should be similar if not the same. The way that works out practically is this; our elders aren’t just board members that enjoy decision making input, they must be actively pastoring and shepherding within the body.

Our pastors, likewise, must be adhering to eldership qualifications as they shepherd the body.

Do do this, we created a unified elder team that consists of two parts.  Pastoral elders, which is what you would generally call pastors like, “teaching”, “Worship”, “Childrens”, and Congregational Elders, which is the more traditional Elder team.   The Pastoral elders work together on the day to day oversight of the church and various ministries, while the Congregational Elders are holding the Pastors accountable and focusing on big picture and budget oversight.

To meet our current Congregational Elders

To meet our Pastors

How do I give to Alethia? Where is my money going?

You can mail checks to:

Box 316
3578 Hartsel Dr. Ste. E
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

You can also give during our church meetings, or just hand it to one of the pastors.

Our current budget is at about $10,000 per month. This covers facility rental, administrative fees (bookkeeping & online databases), weekly supplies, equipment, ministry budgets, staff salaries and insurance (no staff are paid full-time by Alethia at this point; Michael works full time but raises 3/4 of his salary through support), benevolence, and missions.

What is your view on missions? How does Alethia want to get involved?

Our view on missions stands as this. . . we are praying about where God wants us to be.

Some people believe it’s their mission to focus on one singular place and make that their goal for missions, others believe that it’s their mission to do as much as they can anywhere and everywhere.

We are praying. Know this, Sam, Michael, and the other leaders at Alethia, love missions, love serving others, and believe it to be scriptural. We are committed to missions, but we are praying as to the capacity of it.



Alethia Church is proud to be part of the incredible community of churches in Colorado Springs,CO.  Not only Colorado Springs, but also the communities of Monument, Falcon, Manitou Springs, Fountain and the greater Colorado Springs area.  Please feel free to join us for a Sunday Morning Worship Service or Contact a pastor anytime.