Our mission is to support, catalyze and equip parents in their mission to disciple their kids in our local community. Together our goal is to raise up a generation of World Changers starting right here in Colorado Springs.

Discipleship happens best at home. Look at Jesus’ model. He said, “Here’s my life; watch everything I do.” This is exactly how parents lead their kids! At Alethia, we’re not asking families to make our church stronger; we’re trying to be a church to makes families stronger. We know we’re succeeding when we graduate something more than “good” kids from our ministry. World Changers know their life belongs to Jesus, they take ownership of their own faith, and they use their spiritual gifts to impact the church and the world.


We believe that kids will best grow in their worship of God when they connect to a fun, relevant and relational ministry.

RELEVANCE: We strive to teach the truth about the Bible in a way that makes sense and applies to students’ lives.

RELATIONSHIPS: We aim to help connect every child with mentoring relationships with adults and encouraging relationships with peers.

WORSHIP: We believe that kids can worship God in beautiful ways that are different for each kid according to their age and development.

PARENTING MOMENTUM: We believe this kind of fun, relevant, relational ministry creates MOMENTUM for parents who are discipling their kids at home: When church reinforces what parents are building into their kids … when kids want to come to church … when kids are connected to people encouraging them to grow … the job of discipleship at home gets a whole lot more fun and easy for parents!


Our preschool classrooms (3-5 year olds) use Tru Curriculum which explores the Bible chronologically each year. Each lesson focuses on God as the center and our children are invited into games and activities that tie directly into the lesson.
Our elementary classroom (Kindergarten-3rd grade) covers a Bible story each week with discussion, games, and worship. Currently, they are using the DIG IN curriculum from Group Publishing, which is multi sensory and Bible-focused, helping children grow personally in their relationship with Jesus.
Our DIG class (4th-6th grade) studies the same scripture passage that we study as a church in the main service. It is a great way to allow parents to have deeper discussion with their children after church about what they are learning about the same passages!


If we’re not helping families in ways that affect everyday life at home, we’re not helping much at all. We try to provide resources to help you — parents — continue the conversation with your kids during the week. We know parenting can be tough; it sure has its ups and downs. If you have questions or concerns or just need someone to talk to please let us know; manny@alethiachurch.org, or kim@alethiachurch.org.


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