Alethia: Get Involved

One of the ways to get connected at Alethia is by serving.

Our hope is to help believers determine how God has wired them with talents, passions and gifts in order to glorify Him in their church. Whether you are gifted in music, coffee brewing, or excel spreadsheets we will do our best to help you use and grow in the ways God has knit you together.

If you know an area you would like to serve and don’t see it listed above or maybe you don’t know where to start; please email us here: You can also drop an ‘INFO’ card into one of the tithe boxes on Sunday morning with your information and we will get back to you within the week.

You can also click the “Alethia Groups” image to the right to learn more about the different Groups, Classes, and Fellowship Opportunities we have at Alethia Church.

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