Alethia was founded in 2010 and became yet another non-denominational church in Colorado Springs.  Believe it or not, “Why another Church in Colorado Springs?” is the exact question that was asked by the leadership of Alethia before the church was even founded.  It’s a legitimate question.  A call question and a purpose question.

Colorado Springs has a reputation

You can barely walk through town without bumping into national and internationally renowned ministry like Focus on the FamilyYoung LifeNavigatorsDavid C. Cook, and Compassion InternationalBiblica, and, The Christian and Missionary Alliance,  just to name a few.   Or maybe you’ve seen one of a handful of  high profile mega churches in town, the most notable being New Life Church for the events surrounding former Pastor Ted Haggard, or the tragic shooting in 2007.

It would seem that, at first glance, “America’s Christian Mecca” would be one of the last places to start a church.

So we ask the question.  Is a lot of national publicity really causing a revival surge of Christianity within the city?  Are our churches already effectively reaching 100% of the people for Christ?   70 percent? 50 Percent?    We certainly don’t think so, but is it a lot better than any average city in the nation?  Take a look at some of these startling church attendance numbers for Colorado Springs.

 Church Attendance Statistics for Colorado Springs

  1.  Colorado Springs is the “35th Most Post Christian City In America“, according to the Barna Group, with 41% of the population meeting Barna’s metric of “Post-Christian”.  Denver is ranked 14th.
  2. 37% of El Paso counties residents adhere’s to a “religious congregation” of some kind according to   The largest single group being Catholic (30%) and also includes the Mormon Church (6%).  Not to split hairs here, but that means Evangelical Church attendance (what Alethia is) is far less despite the presence of so many nationally minded ministries and publicity capturing mega churches.  This falls far behind the national average of just over 50%.
  3. highlights a study done in the Evangelical Covenant Church that these national numbers are most likely far to conservative, finding that only 17.7% of those who claimed an affiliation with a Christian church, were actually attending on any given weekend.
  4. In 2005, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported that the number of regular church attenders could even be as low as 14%

It’s probably safe to say that no city has enough churches, and Colorado Springs seems to be a surprisingly good candidate, but truly our decision to start a church in Colorado Springs was because that’s where we knew God was calling us to plant Alethia.  We’re here because the local church remains the design God put into place nearly 2000 years ago to reach a city for Christ and He spoke clearly that this city was where He was leading.   Alethia is hear to answer that call and the body of Christ at Alethia is committed to bring the truth of the Gospel to as many as possible in Colorado Springs. We love our city.

Nestled  on the edge of the “fly over states” you wouldn’t expect Colorado Springs to be as diverse a place as it is, but it doesn’t take long to discover it takes effort to find more than two or three native Coloradans under the same roof.  Alethia reflects this diversity, with all but one of our Pastors originating out of state and with all kinds of denominational backgrounds.

So.  Another Church in Colorado Springs?

God said yes, and we agreed to follow His leading.

Please consider joining Alethia for Sunday morning worship or contacting us about any questions about a church in Colorado Springs.

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