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  1. Good morning! I am moving from the Denver area to the University Village apartments on N. Nevada ave, I was hoping to find a church to visit and maybe join that I can walk to as I am without a vehicle right now. I just wanted to confirm that you still meet in the office building across the creek from my new apartments, as I found out the fellowship church has moved their services out of that building and I found you guys on google maps! I am a non-denominational christian who’s been out of church as a whole for several years, never found a church home here in Denver, in fact the two I visited ignored my presence altogether, not one person spoke to me, the greeters at both locations skipped me up to speak to someone they clearly knew. Among other reasons, i’ve been very hesitant to get back involved in a church congregation and I’m hoping that maybe this move will be able to put an end to that as well. I’d love to know more about the church, the people, and the ministry, and where I may be able to fit in.


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